Tantos gran estrenos de telenovelas esta mes

There is probably nothing more interesting than a telenovela gran estreno. Once and for all, the audience will know if the promos do the new production justice, and more importantly, if the telenovela is worth watching for the next few months. This September, a long list of telenovelas and teleseries are set to premiere in Mexico, Colombia, the US, Venezuela, and in international stations in Latin America.

Among these are Entre el amor y el deseo (27 September), Prófugas del destino (22 september), Mujeres Asesinas 3 (21 September), La Pola, Alguien te mira, (8 September), La mujer perfecta, Niñas mal, and Capadocia 2.

Don’t forget to check out our websites on Alguien te mira and Niñas mal to get the latest updates on these telenovelas: http://telenovelaalguientemira.blogspot.com and http://ninasmalmtv.blogspot.com.

Which among these telenovelas and teleseries will you be watching?

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